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Genesis G70 AWD

I absolutely love the G70's AWD system for its rear-drive biased feel especially when equipped with the torquier 3.3T!

Coming from a past of sporty RWD coupes and sedans with manual transmissions and having that option here, it was a tempting option to say the least. Street testing the AWD 2.0T presented a new experience but nothing to brag about (IMO) which is reflected in the $2k price bump over the base RWD.

2.0T AWD (and even the RWD 6-speed) was closer to my initial budget so $10k more for the AWD 3.3T is steep (still excellent value) but the experience speaks for itself, and I'm sure some owners here can attest to that along with anyone getting in track time. I can only imagine how that peak torque coming on at 1,300-4,500 RPM feels when AWD is working with torque vectoring, those active suspension dampers and the 8-speed we have decent control of. Some of that and more can be seen in spirited test drives like this one from thesmokingtire, its a direct representation of how Genesis actually explains how the system works.

HTRAC ensures a stable drive while accelerating and turning, and even while driving on slippery roads. It balances braking power between the left and right wheels, as well as power between the front and rear wheels, depending on road and driving conditions. The rear differential housing (2WD and 4WD) is made of aluminum to reduce weight.

As far as 3.3T AWD reviews go, I think more coverage can be done with track testing that really highlights on how it stands out and how it can be improved. Road and Track did just that and said "The all-wheel-drive G70 reacts well if driven like a big, Korean Subaru. Popping off the throttle gets the nose to bite, and power can be fed in early. With stability control fully defeated, power goes primarily to the rear wheels. There’s fun to be had here, but the all-wheel-drive version is not our first choice."
(you can read more from them here:

Regardless of how the G70 ranks as more track test coverage comes out, what they achieved with the G70 was still a big feat, enough to peak the interest of this long time german saloon buyer.

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There are a lot of misconceptions around AWD, and its a false pretense that its needed for winter driving. Really depends on where you live, but a proper tire setup goes a long way in providing the traction you'll need during inclement weather. Not to mention RWD is far more enjoyable to drive imo.
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