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Common Problems, Issues and Complaints with the Genesis G70

G70's have been out long enough to start showing its flaws and surprisingly I haven't noticed much owner reported problems or complaints to be really concerned about.

Some minor issues will be mentioned and i'm sure there's more that have gone under-reported or not at all, stuff that future G70 and even Kia Stinger owners should look out for. Overall, the G70 is shaping up to be a solid buy. For all we're getting, some cost cutting is expected to show through and it has. Fortunately some issues that plagued Genesis vehicles and kept me away are not to be seen. The G80 it shares a platform with turned out to be a lemon in some cases, in others, not as chaotic but still worrisome especially with difficult dealers.

Then there's the Kia Stinger that shares some issues with the G70 from what I heard.
  • Poor quality paint and clear coat that doesn't hold up and might start chipping.
  • On the inside its poor fitment that's easily seen, some of it causing creaking noises.
  • Outside, poor fitment and excessive panel gaps seems to be common as well, bad enough that door seams get dirty easily (poor drainage) along with other areas that make it harder to keep clean, but that's the least of our problems. What some gaps might let in are beyond the reach of many. Down the road this might cause issues.
  • Dealership experience that can be improved especially when compared to rival luxury automakers. This can make dealing with issues worse than it actually is.
More exclusive to the G70 has been turbo lag that with the restrictive manual transmission, can be a major turn off if you've sampled enough other alternatives, but not so much if there's enough you like about the G70.

I would say the G70 is 80% of where it needs to be, the rest, like these issues and its too reserved styling should be addressed by time the refreshed mid-production cycle version is ready. That can change depending on the volume and depth of owner reported issues. Genesis is probably watching so voicing our concerns could help result in a stronger G70 in years to come.

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Good day all!
New genesis G70 owner in the UAE.

I have a question for you all knowledgeable owners out there. So I purchased my car brand new. Has about 300km on it now.

Been following the manual, keeping it under 4000rpm, no neutral revs or anything crazy.

However, today I realized that the car jerks with a thud??(not loud but audible) when I shift it from Neutral to Drive. I have my foot on the brakes, no accelerator involved.

It does not happen all the time. But Ive experienced it couple times today. Im coming from DSG gear boxes, and Im not sure if this is normal for the 8 speed hyundai (powertech?) Boxes?

It is the 3.3L AWD model, I have attached video below. Please help me out!

PS. I want to know if this is normal before I call the dealers and cause a scene.
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I don't see a video, and can only speak from experience with my car. It does seem to shift hard when it is cold, the RPM is about 2000 when I start it. If I let it sit and idle for a minute or so, the RPM drops and the shift is smoother. I do have the occasional rough shift when driving, especially if I am in sport and I am too soft on the throttle.
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It might be a good idea if we start including our build dates as this might help narrow down on which are most impacted by this issue (and others)
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