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Genesis G70 maintenance schedule

Looking at our G70's maintenance schedule the overall big sell is, Genesis covers the first 3 years or 36,000 miles and there's more...

It can be seen as an incentive, not all automakers offer a term that generous... typically minus 1 year or 5-10k miles. Still, not bad, but only truly appreciated after you're content with the rest of the car, and Genesis set the bar high on these G70's (If you're reading this, my assumption is you're just as sold on owning one as I am).

My eyes are set on a 3.3T Premium, a luxurious $50k USD vehicle from a brand I never bought from, so knowing what exactly is covered, is a relief, and its all listed below.

J.D. Power's report that pushes Genesis to the top of the pack, does provide extra reassurance. If you search for the most recent report; quality of service, pre and post service arrangements, dealing with the service staff and other essential criteria are through the roof. At least that's what the report suggests, hearing from actual experiences from customer service to maintaining and servicing, at the dealer or independent shops, will help and it doesn't seem like there's enough of that. Not on Google reviews, other Genesis communities, but more on the facebook pages of various Genesis dealers.

Breaking down the details of that free 3 years or 36,000 miles (which ever comes first) this is what we're getting:
  • Oil change service every 7,500 miles (service should include checking fluids, wipers, tire pressure, and many others)
  • Engine air filter
  • Cabin air filter
  • Brake servicing
I'm sure many other details are missing that are usually only discovered going through service procedure yourself, seeing work orders, the owners manual or even being a Genesis/Hyundai tech.

Inbetween servicing, if you like to be proactive, here are some best practices to better the odds you have thousands of worry-free miles ahead:

When you stop for fuel:
  • Check the engine oil level.
  • Check the coolant level in the
  • engine coolant reservoir.
  • Check the windshield washer fluid level.
  • Check the tire for low or underinflated tires.

While operating your vehicle:
  • Note any changes in the sound of the exhaust or any smell of exhaust fumes in the vehicle.
  • Check for vibrations in the steering wheel. Notice if there is any increased steering effort or looseness in the steering wheel, or change in its straight-ahead position.
  • Notice if your vehicle constantly turns slightly or "pulls" to one side when traveling on smooth, level road.
  • When stopping, listen and check for unusual sounds, pulling to one side, increased brake pedal travel or "hard-to-push" brake pedal.
  • If any slipping or changes in the operation of your transmission occurs, check the transmission fluid level.
  • Check the automatic transmission P (Park) function.
  • Check the parking brake.
  • Check for fluid leaks under your vehicle (water dripping from the air conditioning system during or after use is normal).

At least monthly:
  • Check coolant level in the engine coolant reservoir.
  • Check the operation of all exterior lights, including the brake lights, turn signals and hazard warning flashers.
  • Check the inflation pressures of all tires including the spare for tires that are worn, show uneven wear, or are damaged.
  • Check for loose wheel lug nuts.
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