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  1. Genesis G70 Wagon

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    Who wants to see Genesis make a G70 wagon?!
  2. Genesis Q1 2020 Sales Numbers

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    Genesis released their sales numbers for Q1 and the G70 continues to be the backbone of the lineup. Genesis sold 969 units in March and 517 of them were G70s. Overall, Genesis has been hit by the Coronavirus like all car companies. Genesis Motor America today reported sales of 969 units in...
  3. 2021 Genesis G70 Keeps Its Manual Transmission

    2017+ Genesis G70 General Discussion Forum
    Bless Genesis for letting the manual transmission live on inside the 2021 G70! According to Motor Trend the six-speed manual will only come with the turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four-cylinder engine. The 2021 Genesis G70 sedan won't welcome the new GV80 crossover SUV's turbocharged...