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  1. 2021 Genesis G70 spotted with 2021 Kia Stinger

    2017+ Genesis G70 Pictures
    The Korean Car Blog spotted the new G70 out testing with the new Kia Stinger.
  2. 2021 Genesis G80 Pricing

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    Genesis has released the pricing for the new G80. With a starting price of $47,700 it'll be positioned very nicely against the likes of the BMW 5-Series ($53,900) and Mercedes E-Class ($54,050). 2021 G80 Trim MSRP G80 2.5T RWD Standard $47,700 G80 2.5T RWD ADVANCED $52,300 G80...
  3. Kelley Blue Book - 2020 Genesis G70 vs. 2020 BMW 3 Series

    Genesis G70 Versus the Competition
    Kelley Blue Book released their comparison of the 2020 G70 with the 2020 3 Series. In their conclusion they highlight that the G70 gives the 3-Series a run for its money and a lesser price and you can't go wrong with either car...
  4. Genesis GT70 Rendering

    2017+ Genesis G70 Pictures
    For the past few years there have been rumors that Genesis has been planning on getting back into the coupe segment with trademarks for GT60, GT70, GT80, and GT90. Here's a rendering from the Korean Car Blog that imagines what a GT70 would look like. Hopefully coupes like this are going to be...
  5. Next-Gen Genesis G90 to have LiDAR & Autonomous Level 3

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    This is pretty big news for Genesis and autonomous driving. According to the Korean Car Blog, the next-gen G90 will have Level 3 autonomous driving capability and LiDAR. It will be the world's first LiDAR system on a production vehicle. The 2 radar system will allow to implement level 3...
  6. Genesis Reports April 2020 Sales

    2017+ Genesis G70 News
    Genesis USA released their April 2020 Sales and in total they sold 806 units. Which is a out 50% lower than the numbers from April 2019. For the G70 Genesis sold 551 units for April 2020. FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif., May 1, 2020 – Genesis Motor...
  7. 2019 G70 gets 0% Financing for up to 84 months!

    Genesis G70 Ordering and Purchasing
    Genesis is offering 0% APR financing for up to 84 months on 2019 G70s! If you're looking for a G70 or know someone that is, this might be a good time to do it.
  8. Genesis G70 VIN Decoder

    2017+ Genesis G70 General Discussion Forum
    You can now decode the VIN on your 2021 Genesis G70, or even start a build sheet using this information from Genesis.
  9. 15 Things We Know About The New Genesis G70 3.3T Dynamic

    2017+ Genesis G70 General Discussion Forum
    Here are 15 facts about the new G70 3.3T Dynamic from Hot Cars. I think most of the stuff is straight forward but it's still an interesting list. Here's how they broke it down. 15. Twin-Turbocharged 3.3-Liter...
  10. 2021 Genesis G70 Facelift Renderings

    2017+ Genesis G70 Pictures
    Here are some renderings for the new G70 based on the styling of the G80. Which color combination is your favorite? It's either blue or red for me.
  11. Genesis G80 Sport Will Have High Performance 3.5L Engine - What about the G70?

    2017+ Genesis G70 General Discussion Forum
    I was just reading on The Korean Car Blog that the new G80 Sport is going to have a high performance version of the 3.5L twin turbo V6. After reading this I came away with one conclusion...this better be coming to the G70 or else Genesis is making a big mistake. 420 horsepower in the G70...
  12. Genesis G70 Wagon

    2017+ Genesis G70 Pictures
    Who wants to see Genesis make a G70 wagon?!
  13. Genesis Q1 2020 Sales Numbers

    2017+ Genesis G70 General Discussion Forum
    Genesis released their sales numbers for Q1 and the G70 continues to be the backbone of the lineup. Genesis sold 969 units in March and 517 of them were G70s. Overall, Genesis has been hit by the Coronavirus like all car companies. Genesis Motor America today reported sales of 969 units in...
  14. Genesis Electric SUV Codenamed JW EV

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    According to The Korean Car Blog, Genesis'" high-performance electric vehicle SUV" is codenamed JW EV and it will use the E-GMP platform (Electric-Global Modular Platform). They also reported that it will have an annual production target of 22,000 units starting in June next year.
  15. 2021 Genesis G80 makes its debut

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    Genesis has finally revealed the new G80 and I have to say it looks fantastic!
  16. Hyundai is Extending Blue Link for Free

    2017+ Genesis G70 News
    I just came across this on my Facebook page, it looks like Hyundai is extending its Blue Link connection by 3 months for free to help people out during this Coronavirus era. Hopfeully this will extend to Genesis and we can get an extension with Genesis Connected Services!
  17. 2021 Genesis G80 Interior Leaked

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    New photos have been leaked that show what the G80's interior is going to look like. The 2 photos show the G80's center console and dashboard. What does everyone think of the two-tone color scheme?
  18. Genesis G80 World Premiere Set for March 30th

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    Genesis has announced that the new G80 will have its world premiere on March 30th at 12 pm KST. For us in North America that means it will be streamed on Sunday March 29th at 11:00 p.m. eastern time Here's a link to the livestream on YouTube:
  19. 2021 Genesis G70 Keeps Its Manual Transmission

    2017+ Genesis G70 General Discussion Forum
    Bless Genesis for letting the manual transmission live on inside the 2021 G70! According to Motor Trend the six-speed manual will only come with the turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four-cylinder engine. The 2021 Genesis G70 sedan won't welcome the new GV80 crossover SUV's turbocharged...
  20. Genesis Coupe Spy Photos

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    New spy photos have appeared online of what looks like a brand new Genesis Coupe! Based on the design it looks like it could be a 2-door version of the new G80.