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I own a 2019 G70 Elite with the 3.3 twin turbo. When in any mode but Sport mode and when the engine and tranny are still cold I feel a noticeable downshift to first or second gear when coming to a stop between 10 and 14 mph. It goes away when the transmission fluid heats up to normal operating temp. It DOES NOT happen if the selector is in sport mode. I have about 6000 miles and at the first service they reset the transmission shift codes. They claim the car will "learn" how you drive over time and shift accordingly so they reset the computer for that also. They stated this is normal until the fluid comes to normal operating temperature. I have only driven a couple of hundred miles since the reset due to this Covid 19 thing, but it still has a very noticeable downshift when cold (I live in Florida so not really cold...just not at normal operating temperature). Anyone else with this configuration have a similar shift feeling and is it just normal for this engine and transmission?
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