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Forbes put together a review of the G70 3.3T Sport about the 4 things they love about it.

The 4 reasons are:
The 3.3T V6's performance

The G70 offers two engines, a 2.0T Inline-4 which you can get with a 6-speed manual or 8-speed automatic, while the 3.3T V6 is only available with the 8-speed automatic. The 2.0T should be plenty powerful too, as the 3.3T is bonkers and a lot of fun to drive.

In our test model, the 3.3T was coupled with rear-wheel drive and offers a generous 376 ft-lbs. of torque at just 1300 rpm and 365 hp at 6000 rpm. That's enough power to break the back end loose at a moment's notice and have some fun on the track. That also means it can get from 0-60 in a smidge under 5 seconds, a stunningly impressive number.

The V6 sounds great too, making you not only feel the acceleration but hear it too like a proper sports sedan.

Exciting Exterior Design

The G70 has a unique profile with a low roofline, large front grille and angular rear-end design with pronounced taillights. The front profile is very Genesis with a deep front fascia, long yet thin headlamps and sporty dark wheels with red brake calipers which make a bold statement.

Driving around town, you'll turn heads as it doesn't look like anything else on the road. They did a solid job making the G70 look like the sporty luxury sedan it is.


While the G70 offers what you'd expect for a car in this class like blind-spot detection, forward collision braking and distance guided cruise control, the multimedia system leaves something to be desired.

While it's easy to use and supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, it's the same system we see in the KIA Optima plus it's an incredibly small relatively low-resolution screen that needs to be improved. It would be an easy fix though, as the G90 has an excellent screen they could employ in the future.

Interior Design

The interior design on the G70 is solid, with available red stitching on the sport model, quilted Nappa leather, a unique steering wheel, and a fun gauge cluster with deep red needles. While it doesn't quite match the quality of its German competitors on the interior, it does employ a unique sense of style and design to build upon.

Final Thoughts

The G70 2.0T starts at just under $35,000 and the 3.3T just under $44,000 which is a good value considering the performance you're getting. One could even argue the 3.3T is the most performance-happy vehicle in the segment without crossing into M or AMG territory. All things considered, the G70 is one incredible sedan that offers a fresh look, substantial driving dynamics and a reasonable price tag.
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