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2019 Genesis G70 Competitors

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The all-new G70 came to market to provide the best bang for your buck and has rightfully done so especially when compared to some of its main rivals. Some of them being the Kia Stinger GT it shares a platform with, the BMW 3-Series and Audi A4.

Compared to its Stinger sibling, the G70 offers more luxury and performance but comes at a cost. Stinger on the other hand is cheaper but heavier and not nearly as sporty. As a Sportswagon however the Stinger fill its roll and might be the perfect alternative to a G70 if better passenger and cargo volume is what you're after. For everyone else, G70 it is.

If your wallet allows, paying over 20% more for the 2019 3-Series over a G70 might be worth the trade off. Yet to be dethroned and packing even more punch, the G20 generation is where you go for better customization by way of more colors, trims and packages. It can get costly however, easily exceeding what you'll pay for a top spec G70 while still not stepping into the M category. Its very common with other long established German rivals in this segment.

Cheaper than the BMW is another legend, the Audi A4. Starting from $37,400 it slots between the 3-Series and G70. The strong point here is technology, an area the G70 can improve on. VW Group that owns Audi has been a leader in recent years, delivering the latest tech. Its not as driver-oriented as the other two although offered in higher trims.

Considering these and other rivals, the G70 offers a bit of everything with a stronger emphasis on performance and driver excitement, priced to target a broader audience that has been feeling left out.
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The Stinger does not come with a manual gearbox. It only has a manual mode that allows you to row through the gears with paddle shifters. It will be interesting to see which of these two cars holds its value better. Depreciation is steep in this segment.
As someone that used to be into tuner cars, the Stinger would have been my choice 5-10 years ago but now that has moved to the G70.
Q50 was up for consideration but the poor sales lead me to believe the cost for parts will increase over time.
The Stinger has only been around for 2 years, but its been getting decent aftermarket support right out of the gate. Already seeing some heavily discounted lightly used models online too, so there are some solid deals out there for a very underrated sports saloon imo.
I believe that's likely to continue with how early we are in the process.
The more involved modifications, like engine mods take time to come to market, especially if we're talking about internal components. Once released it could drastically change the Stinger.
The Stinger has been well reviewed by most autoblogs, its just the badge bias that's really preventing it from hitting the numbers it deserves. 16,000 units isn't bad for a first gen model, especially when sedan sales are the lowest they've ever been.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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