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2020 G70 Hesitates to start

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I have a 2020 g70 2.0L Turbo and Occasionally it will hesitate to start. Tried fuel additive to clean injectors but did not do the trick. Took into dealership with multiple videos but they could not duplicate the problem so they released the car back to me. Had the car home for 4 days and it has already done it twice. Any ideas?
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I don't have this problem with my Genesis, but I did have the same problem with my 2013 Sonata. The dealer was able to duplicate the problem, but they were just baffled as to what was causing it. The car always started, but like yours, it would randomly hesitate to start. I finally traded it in when I moved to Florida, mostly because it was already seven years old, needed new tires, and I wanted a car with some of the newer safety features like BSD, etc.
So, an update to the problem, I was told that Hyundai was having issues with the batteries after 3 years so since mine was right at the 3 year mark from manufacturer, I changed it out with a new one from Hyundai. This did not make a difference. The Parts manager told me there was a recall in 2021 for the fuel pump for that same engine and that my issues sounds like the same symptoms they are having. I am going to ask some questions at the dealership to see if they can run some tests on the fuel pump or change it out for me.
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