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2021+ G80 Sport?

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I know this is a forum focused on the g70 so mods feel free to remove this if it’s against the rules.

I was just curious IF Genesis decides to make a 2021+ G80 Sport if any fellow G70 owners would consider trading in their G70 like me? About a month ago I received a 2021 G80 2.5t as a loaner from my dealership 😁. They are always tempting me with nice loaners but I was really impressed with the new G80. It’s a great vehicle though I would only pull the trigger on one that’s 3.5t and Sport because I would be coming from a sporty G70, Lexus RC and GS. I LOVE my G70 but it’s one major flaw for me is the back seat space. As someone who is 6’ my small boys can barely fit behind me so an adult has no chance 😅. The G80 is the perfect size imo. Not too big but plenty of room for passengers in the back.
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It’s official!

I may pull the trigger if I’m impressed with it in-person.




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