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Was looking at those wheels for along time but they never made them in a gray. One of my favorites for this car.

I was driving around with screws in both rear tires and I parked the other day by chance with my front tires turned all the way and by luck saw a tear in the center of the front tire that you can lift up and see the metal.

My car is a 20 Him Gray 3.3T Sport but only 16,900 miles. I just have barely driven it since I got it years ago.

So yeah I was looking at these too but ended up buying Vertini RSF1.2 Black with Tint in 20x9 (255/35/20) and 20x105 (285/30/20) Nitto 555 G2s.

I saw you have the 275s and that was what I wanted but I had concerns with them and the guy who Vertini referred me too said he's done tons of cars and the 285s will be fine and better off. My reason fro even looking at them was the tiny extra wall height it may give me.

Your wheels look nice though and they are a great look on the car. We all have our likes but those are one of the top 3 that look the best on the G70.

I hope to have my stuff by next week. Like waiting for Xmas when I was a kid.

My car has to go in for new front chrome pieces so it will be align right away and I told the guy, there are brand new and I don't want a scratch on them.
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