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Hi guys,
I recently picked up a 2019 3.3t sport. I currently have a Jb4 with fuel wires, Aem Cold air intakeS, Carbon fibre strut braces and am waiting on my stage 1 TCU tune from Tork to come back. Should be here tomorrow : )
I am on stock components for everything else, including the good-looking but heavy stock five spoke wheels.

I am considering selling my JB4 and getting a proper ECU tune, what are your recommendations? I am planning to use the ECU tune with my TCU tune from Tork. Just keep that in mind. I am looking at a good power increase but also for reliability as this is my daily driver. I am current;y looking at Tork, Lap3 and Lozic for the ECU tunes. Are there any others that I should consider?

As for my wheels, I have a set of super speed RF03rr wheels for my winter setup. I might switch them out for my summer setup for next year or pick up something different. The stock wheels are 35 lbs each compared to the ~18lbs for the Super-Speeds.

Here's what she looks like so far! ( I'm a huge Dragonball Z / Super fan)
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