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I am currently shopping for a sedan or hatchback with a manual transmission. I like the look of the G70 but have yet to see one in person, much less drive one.

I would appreciate anyone's comments, likes or dislikes on the manual transmission version of this car.
How is the motor? MPG?
How is the transmission and shifting gears? Clutch?
How is back seat room? Good enough for a 6 foot tall person?
Are you still glad you bought it or what would you suggest otherwise with a manual transmission? .... under $45k
Other vehicles I am currently considering .... Civic SI and Accord 2.0t
I have driven the SI and liked it but have not found an Accord with 2.0t and manual to drive yet.
If the Stinger came with a manual I would certainly consider it.
I am in no hurry and may wait to see if that Mazda6 inline six rumored comes out with a manual! ????
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