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Availability of the G70 has been ramping up in recent months throughout the USA, UK, Canada, UAE and other regions its sold in. Even finding pre-configured G70’s for sale has become easier.

Months ago that wasn't the case and the numbers show, at least for the market I'm in, the United States. They have been steadily increasing in presence on the street, social media, in online classifieds like autotrader and of course with sales stats right from Genesis that give you the entire picture.

Genesis G70 Sales for the U.S.
  • 001 - September 2018
  • 051 - October 2018
  • 128 - November 2018
  • 229 - December 2018
  • 596 - January 2019
  • 819 - February 2019
  • 817 - March 2019
  • ??? - April 2019
  • ??? - May 2019
  • ??? - June 2019
Not exactly impressive sales numbers but it's necessary momentum for the G70.

There's probably some executives getting yelled at in some boardroom at Genesis HQ for not launching a Genesis SUV/CUV/Crossover instead. If they did, numbers that more than double the G70's best months like the Lexus UX, or for better comparison, Volvo XC40 could have been a reality for Genesis. Ultimately this would have meant a larger dealer footprint.

Still, i'm happy to have the G70, coming from a lengthy lists of sporty bavarians and the concierge service pickup/drop-off distance of 50 miles to Genesis retailers helps most of us that are further away. Apparently it will grow up to 100 dealers globally. Fortunately there's enough around me. Check for yourself.

Most current autotrader listings seem like attempts to secure deposits rather than to showing actual allocated stock. Which begs the question of what allocation is like?

To my surprise some states still haven’t got theirs. A breakdown of sales and/or allocation by state can’t be found either. If you guys can report what your dealers are telling you, that might help everyone else here gauge what ACTUAL numbers are like. Hopefully Genesis takes lessons away from this and better prepare for future product launches. So far the new inventory tool you can access here shows 400 G70's within a reasonable distance to me but how reliable is it??

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