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G70 Debadging Tips

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The other day I saw a G70 driving by that was debadged and I really like the way it looked. It got me thinking about whether or not it was worth it for me to do. The only thing is that I've never debadged a car before.

If anyone has done it before on their G70 or other cars let me know how it went and if you have any tips/suggestions to share. I've heard using a credit card can be helpful prying them off.
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Dental floss or fishing line worded for me on previous cars. You may have to borrow a hair dryer to heat up the glue under the badge. After the badge is off, you can use GooGone to take of the residual, then wash and wax the trunk to finish the job.
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I've done it before and it's pretty straight forward. You just need to be patient and use some finesse.

The Floss Method:
  • Required Tools:
  • Hot Water or Heat Gun
  • Adhesive Remover
  • Dental Floss (Or Fishing Line)
  • Microfiber Cloth
  • Wax
Step 1: Apply Steam to Badging
Use hot water to loosen the adhesive that’s holding the badge to your car. It’s important for the water to be very hot, but not boiling. It should create a thick layer of steam.

Hold the hot water up to the badge so the steam can loosen the adhesive. An easy way to speed this up is to use a microfiber cloth to create a mini-tent. This tent should encompass the thermos and the badge and will make sure the steam’s path is direct.

Step 2: Pour Hot Water Over Badge
After letting the steam loosen the adhesive, your water should still be hot. Pour the hot water slowly over the badge. This will help to remove the adhesive. This works best as a second step, so the water can get between the badge and vehicle.

Step 3: Remove Badge with Floss
Using dental floss or fishing line, floss the area between the badge and the metal. The motion for this should be very similar to the one you use when you floss your teeth. You don’t want to pull the floss towards yourself but simply saw back and forth from side to side. If the floss stops being able to move easily, get more hot water and repeat steps 1-2 before returning to step 3.

Tech Tip: If you can, soak the floss you intend to use in the adhesive remover. This gives it a little extra power and makes this step more efficient.

Step 4: Remove Remaining Adhesive
Once the badge comes loose, you’ll see a gross mess underneath. No need to panic, that’s normal. Dab your microfiber cloth into the adhesive remover (a little goes a long way) and begin to remove any adhesive left behind.

After the adhesive and dirt have been removed, you’ll be staring at a flat sheet of metal.

Step 5: Wash & Wax
Wash with soap and water. Then, dry the area thoroughly and wax normally. Without wax, the paint is exposed to the elements, so this is an important step.

Here's a great video that I watched that helped me learn how to do it.

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