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The Fast Lane Car put the G70 3.3T against the Lexus IS 350 F Sport to see what the best non-German sports sedan is.

When talking about the Lexus their main argument was that even though it's still a good sports sedan, it's in need of a revamped look.

Fortunately, the IS still features an excellent chassis that lends itself well when chucked into a corner. Although, the car defaults to understeer when driven at the limit. Blame for this benign but boring handling behavior goes to the diminutive looking 18-inch Dunlops that come in an aggressive staggered fitment. The front tires are quite narrow at 225 mm, while the rears are over an inch wider at 255 mm.
Unfortunately, it has been six long years since the current IS made its debut in 2013. Granted, there was a significant exterior refresh in 2016, which gave the IS the somewhat controversial spindle grille that has come to define Lexus design. Although this is still a competent sports sedan, time has not been kind to the IS, as it is now eclipsed in almost every way by newer, faster competitors.

The interior of the IS 350 is where things get even more dated. The dashboard almost looks like a time capsule to electronics from 20+ years ago. Sure, there is a 7-inch touchscreen, but the buttons and knobs are from a different era. The presence of an actual CD player is an especially nostalgic touch.
For the Genesis they talk about the G70 being an excellent drivers car and exceeding expectations as a luxury sedan.

Suffice it to say, the G70 is an excellent drivers car, if not the best in the segment. But what about luxury? This is where Genesis has exceeded expectations, in that there is nothing about the G70 that suggests it’s merely a dressed-up Hyundai.

The interior is very much class-competitive, with quality materials and robust design. All of the expected tech and safety features are available, and the overall level of execution is commendable for a first effort. About the only shortcoming is a cramped rear seat. Those needing more rear space might consider the Stinger with its three inches of extra legroom, although the rest of the Kia’s interior is straight out less polished.
Ultimately they gave the win to the G70.

Verdict: Genesis for the win

Both the IS 350 and G70 prove that value-oriented buyers should walk right past the BMW or Audi dealership when shopping for a sports sedan. Each offers more features for less money. Although the IS 350 definitely needs some work to become a true contender again, the G70 is a remarkable example of what happens when a new brand comes out swinging. Not since the original Lexus LS 400 came out and shook things up has a new model from a new brand made such a strong statement.

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IMO its not much of a comparison when the IS was never as sport as the G70. New IS is on the way tho.
Toyota/Lexus could be preparing to put up a serious fight by tapping into BMW's parts bin. Essentially turning the IS into a MKV Supra sedan. That's if this report from a Lexus blog holds any weight (which I believe it does).

Lexus IS Next-Generation Front

Best Car Magazine in Japan is reporting that the next-generation Lexus IS sedan will be offered with the same BMW Inline-6 turbo engine that powers the all-new Toyota Supra.
The I6 engine, which is rated at 335 horsepower and 365 lb-ft of torque in the Supra, would be one of four engines for the Lexus sedan — a 2.0L turbo, 2.4L turbo, and 2.5L hybrid engine would also be available based on region.
Lexus IS Next-Generation Rear

Best Car also reports that the IS is unlikely to change in size, and will weigh approximately 3,395 lbs. For referenece, the current IS tips the scales at 3,737 lbs.
(Finally, the magazine reiterates the rumor that a next-generation IS F sedan will be resurrected with the twin-turbo V6 engine from the LS flagship.)
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