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Motortrend compared the Genesis with the BMW 330i and the Tesla Model 3 to try and determine which is the best compact luxury sedan.

The G70 finished second behind the Model 3 with Motortrend writing:

When we declared the G70 our 2019 Car of the Year winner, we were confident that Genesis had "built a better 3 Series." And, as it turns out, it did. While BMW was busy rewriting entire passages of its own playbook, Genesis adhered to its mission with clear, crystalline focus and created a killer sport sedan on the very first try.

Confident is the word that comes to mind when discussing the G70's looks. Lean, lithe, and muscular, the G70's exterior carries just the right amount of sophisticated swagger. "It's got a hint of old-school (Zagato?) and a modern class without being derivative of anything else," said Walton.

The G70 might be brand-new to the scene, but it already feels like an old friend. Get behind the wheel and everything falls instantly to hand. You're greeted by a cockpit that's not only refreshingly straightforward, but also feels special in all the right places. Walton appreciated the attention to detail: "I love the quilted leather and the chromey, knurled knobs you'd expect to find in a Range Rover or Bentley." The combination of black and burgundy throughout the interior was a knockout.

Familiarity can have its drawbacks, as well: The infotainment system was called out for being identical to one seen in any Hyundai or Kia. Scratch that—the 2020 Kia Soul features a bigger, sharper screen. "Graphics look like they're a decade old," said Cortina. "It's missing authenticity." While this is a curse that befalls many premium automakers who share components with lesser marques, some hide their origins better than others. Genesis might look to Lincoln for some inspiration here.

But focus on the road in front of you instead, and suddenly it's obvious why the G70 deserves all of the accolades. Here's the magical ride/handling balance that makes driving a sport sedan so rewarding. The steering has just the right amount of heft, tracing through corners with a playful precision. The chassis is firm yet supple. Walton feels that the suspension tuning leans more toward the luxury part of the equation than the sport side, but only just so. Of the three cars here, the G70 is the one that's ideally suited for a highly gratifying long-distance drive, straight out of the box.

Out on the test track, the G70 nearly matches the BMW on the figure eight and lateral acceleration—a testament to its extensive chassis development and tuning. It's only when you give it the boot that the G70 trails behind the rest of the pack. A fair amount of turbo lag from the 2.0-liter hampers off-the-line acceleration, and keeping it on boost requires judicious timing with the paddle shifters. Diving hot into a corner revealed more sloths in the powertrain. Despite multiple stabs to the shift paddle, the G70 sometimes refused our downshift requests during rapid deceleration in figure-eight testing. Stops from 60 mph required 106 feet, roughly splitting the difference between the BMW and Tesla.

We'd be remiss if we didn't at least mention that the G70 is the only one left in its segment to offer a six-speed manual. And therein lies the irony with this stellar, award-winning sport sedan. It makes all the right moves and ticks all the right boxes. Through no fault of its own, the G70 represents the pinnacle of a segment … just as that segment is poised to charge in a completely new and uncharted direction.
I'm not sure if it's fair to compare it to the Model 3 since it's not an electric vehicle, especially when the G70 won Motor Trend's 2019 Car of the Year Award. But at the very least it shows that Genesis isn't messing around with their newest sedan.
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