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Genesis G70 vs. Lexus ES

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AutoNation posted a head to head video of the Genesis G70 and the Lexus ES to determine which is the better sedan. They focused on the engine, cabin, infotainment, safety, and price. It's not the longest video but they do a good job touching on all the different points.

  • For the engines, they acknowledged that the Lexus gets better fuel economy but they prefer the G70's power from the V6, available manual gear box, and the available all-wheel drive for each trim level.
  • For the interior they gave the slight edge to the Lexus because of more pleasing integration of the display screen in the dashboard.
  • The G70 got the edge for the infotainment system because of its easy to use display and Apple CarPlay connectivity.
  • They gave a tie for safety since they're both IIHS top safety picks.
  • The G70 has a lower starting price than the Lexus

As a result of all this they gave the G70 the victory over the ES.

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Lexus can't rival the G70 at all, even with improvements made to the ES. The real challenge for them is making the next IS sedan a real 3-Series fighter. The current one might as well be rebadged as a Buick. A reliable and boring Buick.
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