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Today is a dark day for G70 fans everywhere as Genesis has announced they're discontinuing the manual G70...If you or someone you know is looking to get one now is the time before they're all gone.

In a statement provided to Road & Track, a Genesis spokesperson confirmed the manual G70 will be discontinued for the 2022 model year. The company says it sold around 100 examples for the 2020 model year (around 0.8 percent of G70 sales in 2019), and couldn't justify continuing to offer the transmission as an option.

If you want to snag a manual G70 before it goes extinct, Genesis says they technically still exist, though at this time it's unclear if they can still be ordered new (the option is still visible on Genesis's build site as of this writing). The spokesperson we talked to says it's possible there are none available—we've reached out for clarification.

The three-pedal G70 leaving Genesis's lineup means there are now no manual, rear-drive sedans for sale in the U.S. A sad day for the stick-shift faithful.

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