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Genesis Launched In Canada

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Hyundai’s Luxury branch officially launched in Canada on Monday and Genesis Motors Canada is aiming to provide customers with a distinctive purchasing experience.

There will of course by physical stores, around 30 dealerships will be opened within the next five year. But at launch there will be no brick and mortar Genesis dealerships, just pop-up shops in shopping malls. Instead, buyers can build their dream vehicle, choose from a list of options like extended warranties, fill financing documents, and make a deposit all through the Genesis Canada website.

Essentially, you can buy a new G70 (once it’s released) from the comforts of your home and have it delivered to your doorstep via a concierge service. Not only will Genesis deliver a customer’s vehicle, they’ll even pick it up for scheduled maintenance, leave you with a replacement car, and then drop it off again.

Additionally, the prices customers see will include destination and delivery fees, complimentary maintenance services, and 5-year/100,000km navigation software updates. Thus taking the guesswork out of a vehicle’s final pricing.

Michael Ricciuto, brand director of Genesis Canada, said Hyundai’s “learning experience from introducing the [Hyundai] Equus was that you can’t sell luxury products in a mainstream dealer. Luxury customers are more interested in features, not payments.” Maybe their innovative sales system will endear them to the Canadian market.
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Call me old school, but I like physically going to a dealership to buy my vehicles and the same applies to luxury cars like the G70. The dealership can deal with maintenance pick up and drop off, but the initial purchase needs to be in person.
I'm the exact same way. I want to be there when I purchase my vehicle. For one, I like to get to know the faces of the managers, advisors, etc. Get me a feel of how the dealership operates and works with customer satisfaction.

Won't take my vehicle to get serviced at a place where I don't get a good vibe from the people. It also helps to develop relationships in there.
They can always coordinate some effort with you to see one in person whether that's done on a dealership level or from Kia USA/Kia Canada/etc. And it doesn't have to be one-on-one, if a dealer batches 10 people into a single viewing appointment, its efficient on both ends, win win. The whole model of not depending on a dealership can and will work.
I honestly don't mind. I like this. Convenience at it's finest.

If I can order and do everything from the comfort of my home sippin on some scotch, pfft. I'd be more than happy and it'll probably make me even more inclined to purchase. And they come and pick up the car, take it for servicing, and leave me a loaner vehicle ?! You gotta be crazy not to love all of that.
But doing it this way, will you still be able to build a rapport with a certain dealership if you're a return customer or send referrals and what not ?
With a Trump Administration here and pressuring automakers to produce in America or pay a heavy tax this will be one great way for car makers to reach out to more customers and even trim down on infrastructure they already have. But it won't be the only way they make up for the increasing cost of production, just one of many ways.
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