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This is a very interesting article about how Genesis plans to learn from Infiniti after they abruptly announced they're leaving the Australian and European car markets.

Australia's spoke with Executive Vice President, Global Head of the Genesis Brand, Manfred Fitzgerald, and he talked to them about how the Infiniti news impacted Genesis.

Genesis’ global CEO has commented on Infiniti’s sudden decision to pull the plug operations in Europe and Australia by claiming that it provides his brand with an opportunity to learn from the Nissan premium brand’s mistakes.

Speaking to carsales at the Frankfurt motor show, Executive Vice President, Global Head of the Genesis Brand, Manfred Fitzgerald, said that Infiniti “must have a good reason” for leaving, adding: “We don’t know where they’re heading right now.”

Fitzgerald echoed Genesis Australia’s earlier statement that it was undeterred by Infiniti’s axing and said the Hyundai premium brand could learn from its mistakes.

“I think we can always learn from how other brands go about their things and see what they did very well and maybe not so well,” he said.

Fitzgerald said that in the wake of Infiniti Australia’s departure at the end of next year, he had tasked his team to re-evaluate the premium brand’s approach.

“It’s our responsibility to take a closer look at all the business cases out there.”

It’s not known if this will result in an altered Genesis product line-up in Australia, where the mid-size G70 and large G80 sedans were launched in June. The all-new Genesis GV80, the brand’s first SUV has already been delayed until next year, and a new G80 sedan is also due soon.

One thing Infiniti’s decision to bail out of key markets hasn’t done is undermine the global Genesis CEO’s belief in his brand.

“It hasn’t shaken our confidence at all. We know what we’re all about and we know what we have as strengths on our side. You might have heard that we have a new addition to our design team, and the future is bright for us,” said Fitzgerald, referencing the recent poaching of Filippo Perini from Italdesign.

Perini has been credited with designing cars like the Lamborghini Murcielago, Aventador and, most recently, the Urus. Before that he worked on designs for Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Aprilia and Ferrari, as well as in the consumer goods and nautical industries.

“He has a very unique mix of being not only a capable and great designer, but also an engineer with an engineering background. So that is something that always bodes very well,” claimed the Genesis boss.

Since launching Down Under in June, Genesis has sold just 79 cars – a number Fiztgerald says he’s satisfied with.

“It’s picking up. We’re still facing the challenge of awareness. The showroom in Sydney is coming on well and there’s a lot of interest there, so we’re very happy with it.”
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