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Hello everyone, I just traded my 19 VW Jetta Rline, with 9k mi, on a 19 awd 3.3l, black on black, sports prestige package g70, also with 9k mi on the motor. The VW replaced a Subaru legacy, that I'd been driving since 08. I bought the Jetta in July for cash and not too soon after, really missed having awd. I was back and forth on a Telluride, Jeep Rubicon and 4Runner and while they were all great vehicles and oranges compared to my g70 apple, they all lacked any real driving enjoyment from my perspective. Again, their purpose lies in what they can do in terms of cargo and off road capability but quite frankly, they're all pretty sluggish, especially the Toyota. Something clicked and I came to the realization that I'm more of a car guy and started looking really heavily into the 22 g70. During one of my research sessions, I inadvertently submitted a request to one of my local Genesis dealers and they reached out, telling me, that while they didn't have any 22s, they had a 19 in the trim level I was looking into. I nearly dismissed the info but decided to take a test drive even though it wasn’t a 22. So glad I did!!! The car is mint and barely driven, with only 9k miles on the motor. While it's not a 22 I'm ok with the massive savings I was able to enjoy, buying this pre-owned model. It ended up coming in significantly cheaper than ANY of the other vehicles I had been considering including the 22, by a LOT. I couldn't be happier to own this car. It's easily the nicest vehicle I've owned and so enjoyable to drive. I'd love to hear from everyone about must do's and don'ts with this vehicle. I'm nearly certain it has all of the features but I could be wrong. I'd never consider joining a forum for any car I've ever owned until now. Happy New Year!

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