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Hello new owner from AZ

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New owner. I had been researching for a while, and finally pulled the trigger on a 2020 G70 3.3T Prestige and let my Infiniti G37 go.

Looking for recommendations on PPF install and window tinting in the PHX area.

I am also planning SQ audio system build. If anyone has done an SQ install, I would love to chat.
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Welcome to the forum @RmckGG70

How would you compare it to your Infiniti?
Thanks for the welcome St00k. The G37 (2011) and the G70 are similar in ways. I see why so many G70 owners had come from G37s. It seems like Genesis continued more of the sport course with this model while Infiniti went slightly larger more of the luxury target with a some performance DNA. The G70 does feed the juvenile racer side a bit more. The torque, responsiveness, handling, and braking is definitely a step up with the G70. The Infiniti had a slightly more solid feel. I notice a little more road noise with the G70, and the ride is slightly stiffer. It is hard to say how much the lower wider tires on the G70 contributes. but I did strongly consider a Q50 Red Sport (without Proactive) and it was a solid contender, but the G70 edged it out with its combination of performance and value.
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Welcome @RmckGG70
What first things are you planning to do or already got done? (ex. paint protection, accessories, modifications, etc.)
Keep us posted on your audio build!
Thanks FastG. Well, I am starting with PPF install tomorrow. Window tint within two weeks. No immediate performance mods planned yet. Funny I literally just got off the phone talking with the audio install shop. Seems there are a few mysteries about accessing the audio signal from the factory head unit. My goal is active 3way front with a 12 inch sub in a sealed enclosure, and leave rear fill factory. Per the shops research it appears the Lexicon system uses full digital outputs, that get processed at the amplifier into 12 outputs. There are no easy adapter systems currently made, so they are going to have to take signal samples from the factory amp speaker outs. We will learn of the DSP input requirements after the testing. I pray I do not have to tap all 12 outputs to process. I have 8inch thin midwoofers (AD W800NEO) I hope they will fit in the factory sub locations under the seats, with tweets and mids in the doors. If the 8s will fit under the seats, I will be wide open for mid options. We may consider A Pilar pod options as well. I plan to feed the front stage with a Mmats HiFI 6150 and the sub with a ZED Minotour II.
If you come across anyone that has already done audio mods, please pass my way. I would love to learn from their experience. I will share feedback as I make progress.
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Welcome to the forum @RmckGG70! Were you considering any other cars before going with your G70?
Hello GenesisFast. I did consider a BMW M340i, Infiniti Q50 Red Sport, and G80 Sport. It really came down to the G70 and the G80 (2020). They all had pluses and minuses with the G70 giving me the most of what I wanted and relative value. My only complaint so far is the cramped backseat and getting my 5 year old granddaughter to fight her urge to kicking the back of my seat. :cautious: She will be banished to Nana’s car soon. Lol.
Hey sorry late to the party. I'm in North West Peoria,AZ. Had my tint done by Auto Shield and it looks amazing with 5% all the way around and across the windshield banner. Also, I installed an aftermarket amp and sub in the trunk so I'd be able to assist with what wires you'd need to tap in to. You'll need a lineout converter like a LC1i to get it dialed in. Super easy. PM me if you want to chat about all of it.
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