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On average, auto insurance for a Genesis G70 is $170 a month, or $2040 a year.

Its a number gathered from a handful of 2.0T and 3.3T G70 owners I know. One of them that's closer to retirement is at $100/month and with other highly favorable factors! (cheaper than a 340i he traded in)

Personally, I was quoted $250 on a 2019 3.3T AWD Sport. (n)

What is everyone else paying for insurance?

Feel free to include factors that positively/negatively impact your rate like driving record, miles driven, insurance provider, insurance bundles, your location (this is a big one), vehicle trim, and so on.
Recently I have opted for insurance and I am paying more than you have quoted here, I have also got builders risk policy as well, and paying a little high for this coverage as well but overall I am happy with both coverage despite the prices being little higher. These days prices are a little higher but in the end it come in our favor if you read reviews before selecting any coverage
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