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I spent some time dealership hopping throughout the week to compare seat bolsters in the G70 to other cars from BMW, Lexus, Audi, Mercedes and Jaguar.

Surprisingly the G70's are really well configured!

On some cars I find they don't hug you as much. The only other bolsters I like better are on the new Toyota Supra, a car that's supposed to be really dialed in.

Also, while looking for what other owners have reported, I came across this post that further sums up my experience:
"My favorite feature so far is the side bolsters adjusting to hug you when you turn on sport mode. I found out recently though that you can manually adjust the bolsters and save to memory settings so when you turn on easy access mode in the settings, the side bolsters adjust every time you turn on the engine to your seat memory position. The car literally hugs you every time you enter as if to greet you to floor it! Beyond that, the remaining interior and overall material quality (maybe except one potential issue with the leather seats) feel great and it feels special/comfortable when I sit in it."

I wonder how much sportier these can get if Genesis plans on a hotter version.
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