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Hyundai N boss says no to G70 variant

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With Hyundai's N lineup growing at a rapid pace, many we're hopeful that these performance models would make their way into premium models. Hyundai's head of performance development Albert Biermann said that the possibility of developing this kind of model is out of the question now that its a standalone brand. That's a bit disappointing imo as it would have been interesting to see the G70 tackle the BMW M3.
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I think Genesis needs a bit more time on the market before they begin exploring proper performance variants. Don't think there is much need for more than 365hp on tap that you get with the 3.3l.
If there is one area where Hyundai continues to lag behind, its with aftermarket support. Their new N division is finally looking to address that issue and with traction would could see it move up-segment in the future.
Introducing them in the form of a package like what Infiniti does with "IPL" is what i'd like to see. IPL trims have always been well received.
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