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Hi everyone! I just purchased my G70 this past month -- a 2020 2.0T in Mallorca Blue with the 6-speed manual; a seemingly rare unicorn these days. I absolutely love it. Incredibly fun to much so that I actually look forward to my morning commute these days. Anyway, I've a couple questions, though: The previous owner had switched out the OEM rims with aftermarket ones. Although I love the look of these newer rims, for whatever reason they went smaller, putting on 18"s, 225s non-staggered width all around (whereas stock was 19" with the wider 255s in the back). In looking closer, the brake calipers are so so close to the rim that I worry it may rub up against them. Has anyone had a like situation with aftermarkets? I also worry about any side-effects it may cause by not having the wider tires in the back. I am certainly not a car person, so it may be okay; I just don't know. I'm thinking I may want to revert to the OEM ones at some point...maybe someone here has an OEM set to sell, if so, I may be all ears!

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