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Motor Trend published a new comparison article between the Kia Stinger Gt and the Genesis G70 3.3T.

There's a couple of things that stood out for me reading this article. The first being that they found the G70 runs faster than the Stinger in their testing and that the Genesis is able to be a quieter car despite using a lot of similar parts with the Stinger.

Is The G70 Worth It?
With the two so evenly matched, the "worth it" question comes down to value. Typically, you'd expect to pay a premium for the "luxury" brand. This whole series of comparison tests is predicated on it. Control for variables like the all-wheel drive vs. rear drive mismatch, though, and the Stinger and G70 are priced nearly identically as tested. Even if you swap the sold-out Stinger GTS for a similarly priced and equipped Stinger GT1, it lands right on top of the G70 with its one Elite options package, which adds rain-sensing wipers, parking sensors, wireless charging, a sunroof, and adaptive headlights. What's more, the GT1 isn't the most expensive Stinger. The GT2 model adds more features, and there are plenty more features you can add to a G70.

"In my head, this choice really boils down to luxury versus sport, instead of whether luxury is worth it," Walton said. "In this case, I prefer luxury, especially since it's less expensive than Kia's definition of sport. The G70 was a game changer, and it's still holding up quite well."

Were the G70 a little more expensive, it still would be fairly easy to justify the stretch. The Stinger is everything you want and need, but the Genesis is just a bit nicer to live with, so why not spend a (very) few more bucks? If you can afford the Stinger, you can afford an even nicer G70.
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