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Need new wiper blades

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I'd like to match my wiper blades to what is presently on the car (2019 G70.) Haven't taken them off, but on looking at them, they look to be the same as those on my 2013 Cadillac ATS, which are from the Denso series 160-3118 (18", right) and 160-3122, left.) So, for the G70, I looked at the Denso series 160-3118 (right) and 160-3126 (left). And, to my surprise, whatever net site I looked at, said that these Denso's wouldn't fit. So, I'd appreciate suggestions for moderately priced blades in the $20-30 range. BTW, I live in SE Florida where heat and sun, but not snow or ice, are the concerns. Thanks.

EDIT: My mistake, the Denso blades, unfortunately, are not made for the G70.

EDIT 2: Never mind. Got Aero hybrid blades. Pretty cheap in that I can get three pairs for what it would cost for one pair of expensive blades. From my research, it appears that most blades are the same and keeping the blades clean is the major way to keep them functioning properly. BTW, cost was not the issue in selecting blades.
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