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I Got 2019 G70 2.0T that I purchased since May at 15,000 and currently about reach 21,000. I had no problems up until last month when my check engine light came on and took it get serviced only to find my fuel pump went out and something about the gasket being replaced as well. Didn’t get the a rental vehicle from Hyundai until the day before I got my car back because enterprise didn’t have vehicle that was Hyundai brand in stock, so I’d have to pay 10 dollars a day out of pocket with my own money, not knowing my car would be done the next day. It’s about a few weeks later and I’m hearing clicking like sound when I come to stop around 5 miles or lower, and from the stop when I rev up 2,000 rpms and it comes down you can hear it also. So the latest they can get me in is this Thursday. Am I the only one experiencing issues???
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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