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Rough Road Warning Alert won't go away

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I just found this forum and searched my issue and didn't see posts related. My wife's 2022 G70 started yesterday displaying a warning notice where the tachometer is stating "rough road ahead drive carefully". It started as we started the car yesterday and were just driving on regular roads in northern Virginia. It alerts every 15 to 30 seconds and won't stop. I looked through everything in the settings on the dash and don't see anyway to reset it. I unhooked the battery for 30 minutes which was on old way to reset vehicle computers with no luck. The car has just over 17000 miles and has never been wrecked or anything. There doesn't appear to be any damage to any of the front sensors in the grill. I figured I would reach out here before going to the dealer. David

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I had the same issue after cancelling the nav update warning. I downloaded the update from Genesis and just installed it. You need to ensure you have all of the files on the top level of your usb drive. It doesn’t work from the folder. Also needed a 128GB fresh drive because a 64 was too small. It took almost 1 hr but the warning stopped. Updated 5/24 @ 4:00 PM ET. Hope this helps for all.
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