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The Fast Lane Car Review - Genesis G70 vs. Ford Mustang Bullitt

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The Fast Lane Car put the G70 up against the Mustang Bullit in a mashup review and the G70 more than held its own against a classic muscle car.

  • In a drag race, The Mustang beat the G70, the G70's turbo lag was its downfall against the Mustang's naturally aspirated V8.
  • 0-60: G70 - 5.31 seconds, Mustang - 5.85 seconds.
  • Hot Lap: G70 - 1:06.04, Mustang - 1:05.04

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Considering they didn't turn off the G70's nannies, a follow-up review would only be fair.
I think a follow-up is necessary too because Drivetribe raced the G70's sibling, the Stinger GT, against a Mustang GT and the Stinger won decisively. Maybe the difference was launch control.

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