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Warped Rotor Issues on G370 3.3t

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Hello, I'm hoping someone here may be able to help me with my experience. I found a similar thread on this forum (Warped Brake Rotors & Driver's Seat Ventilation) but as it was an older thread and advised creating a new one instead of replying to that one, I'm doing that here.

I have a 2019 G70 3.3t with brembo brakes. I bought the car at 15K miles and there are currently ~45K miles on it. Generally the car is good but I have had lots of issues with the break rotors warping roughly every 5K miles. The first couple of times the dealer resurfaced the rotors for free but then said I would have to start paying as this is normal wear and tear. I have had about 7 other cars over the past 30 years and have never had rotors warp this quickly. I drive very gently (I have an overall mileage of 27.3 mpg in mixed city/ highway driving), so it is very strange to me that the rotors would warp so quickly.

I read in the referenced thread above that the brembo brakes that come with the G70 3.3t are not matched properly with the rotors and the calipers are too strong, which generate too much heat and warp the rotors. So I replaced the rotors with R1 Concepts drilled and slotted rotors ( The dealer would not install after-market rotors even though they acknowledged that the drilled and slotted rotors might help with the warping issue, so I went to a 3rd party mechanic who was careful to use a torque wrench with the specified torque settings for the G70. I was also careful to break in the new rotors slowly over a couple of hundred miles and they worked really well for the first 5,000 miles.

Now they are suddenly warped. The way in which they warped was really strange. They did not warp slowly and gradually as has been my experience from before. They were working great for literally the whole time. Then I went out of town for 2 weeks and came back and suddenly the car is shuddering heavily when braking at highway speeds. The car was left garaged while I was gone and there is no visible rust or any indication of issues by a sight-inspection.

Has anyone experienced any similar issues or heard about anything like this? It's starting to get quite frustrating for me on an otherwise good car.
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What brake pads are you using? The problem is the OEM brake pads.
So I worked at Kia parts counter and we had issues with the stingers , pads where there was an updated part number.this might the the issue
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